Evolution of Energy is the Next Mega Trend

Our edge comes from our understanding of energy markets, emerging technologies and a focus on durable business models.

We believe that for a volatile sector, undergoing substantial innovation and transition, a disciplined and patient approach may be effective for both finding opportunities and managing the downside.

Investment Overview

Actively managed strategy seeks attractive total returns by investing globally in portfolio of real assets, infrastructure, clean renewable and sustainable companies and emerging technologies. We focus on durable business models benefiting from powerful tailwinds that may allow for dividend growth.

15-25 stock global portfolio targeting attractive themes wind/solar, electric mobility, renewable fuels, smart grid/demand management as well as candidate themes such as carbon capture/storage and hydrogen.

Impact Infrastructure Innovation Strategy aims to:


returns in excess of Ishares Global Clean Energy Index.


companies with durable business models, emerging technologies, and exposure to Impactful trends and policy tailwinds which may lead to cash flow and dividend growth that are underappreciated by the market.


to a low carbon society, a multi-decade theme. Attractive returns may be driven by improved revenue growth and upgraded business models.

Early days of energy markets from new competition and technologies and transitioning business models puts stock selection and an understanding of the energy markets at a premium.


liquid approach that may offer appreciation, yield and inflation hedging as well as substantial climate impact driven by world-class ESG practices, producing measurable and meaningful social and environmental impact.

Focus on global clean energy universe that may benefit from tailwinds of long-term secular growth of clean energy demand and projected build out of renewable energy generation across utilities, industrials, technology and energy sector.

Decarbonization Mega Trend

$1 trillion annual investment rising to $4 trillion.

Electricity costs are now competitive with the grid which leads to an unsubsidized value proposition.

Evolving business models may yield attractive risk adjusted returns and unprecedented revenue growth opportunities.

Expanded universe that includes newly listed energy companies that are under-researched and under-followed resulting in volatile markets where avoidance of downdrafts is key to achieving attractive Total Return.

Investment Themes

Electric Mobility | Carbon Capture | New Energy Metals | Hydrogen
Solar and Wind Technology | Renewable Fuels

Infrastructure and Real Assets:
Solar and Wind Assets | Utilities

Climate Impact

Path to emissions reduction leads the way to a lower carbon society.

Implementation of mitigation measures are critical to accelerate the transition.
Solar, wind and energy efficiency deliver around half of emissions reductions by 2030, while the impact of electrification, carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) and hydrogen ramps up later.