About Green Bridge Energy

Our vision is to expand access to resilient clean energy and high availability EV charging to reduce global carbon emissions.  While delivering access to tax benefits and creating attractive economic returns for our project investors.

We are leading in renewable energy project aggregation, development and finance platform for the commercial & industrial segment with a focus on solar, battery, EV charging infrastructure, microgrids and high efficiency CHP across North America.

C&I renewable energy is to double in the next three years, and is a large market with over 800,000 buildings in the US that are suitable for solar and storage. C&I is a highly profitable, untapped solar and storage market segment. EV charging infrastructure requirements are further driving market urgency in C&I.

We drive efficient project origination at scale, through preferred finance partnerships supporting 1,500 developers, partnerships with PE, REITs and corporates and our sales team focus on real estate portfolio asset managers. Our management of renewable assets ensures revenue streams and maximized returns. We create the access point for investors between tax advantaged projects, renewable technology, and economic returns, maximizing the value to drive investor returns.


As electricity prices and electric vehicle prices rise, clean energy investment is catalyzed and distributed energy resources are increase, we are committed to the proliferation of clean energy technologies to reduce global carbon emissions.  At Green Bridge, we provide long-term partnership with our clients for the best deployment and monetization of clean energy infrastructure.  To our project investors, we deliver efficient access to renewable project tax benefits and economic returns to implement profitable ESG strategies within their portfolios.  We provide clean energy infrastructure and EV charging to commercial site costs at $0 upfront, new revenue opportunities, energy cost savings, and cost controls to real estate owners.  EV charging capacity to serve the rapidly accelerating adoption of electric vehicles across the U.S. and enhanced real estate value by adding energy infrastructure and revenue streams.


Our experienced team brings us a competitive edge.  Co-founder Bryne Huddleston leads growth and execution for Green Bridge.  Prior to this role, he spent 16 years with GE Capital focused on structured asset financing and leasing to commercial and industrial companies in the U.S.  Co-founder Justin Sullivan led a variety of commercial teams across GE’s energy and financing units for 16 years, including Commercial Leader of GE Renewable—Distributed Energy business unit.  Prior to that, Justin was a founding member of the Distributed Energy Solutions incubator at GE power.

Management Team