About Olduvai Capital

At Olduvai Capital, our orienting principle is to generate sustainable long-term returns. We aim to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns alongside positive impact to help shape a more prosperous, inclusive, and carbon-neutral future.

Our specialist team has a proven track record, differentiated local insights with an on-the-ground presence, and a disciplined long-term approach in perceived higher-risk markets. Our investment philosophy is anchored in the belief that market inefficiencies in developing markets offer attractive opportunities for investors with a long-term mindset. We believe that the price you pay matters and have a patient and contrarian investment approach to find valuation discrepancies. Our investment process is driven by proprietary fundamental research, with an embedded ESG and impact measurement framework to deepen the integration of sustainability factors.

Investment Focus

Private capital is essential to accelerate the transition to a more inclusive carbon-neutral future in Africa.

Sub-Saharan Africa’s energy transition is a multi-decade opportunity that requires an estimated $3.6 trillion by 2050. The bulk of investments necessary are in renewable energy solutions that have become increasingly cost-effective for commercial and industrial users, clusters of enterprises, or community-scale mini-grids in rural areas. In addition, ramping up electrification in end-use applications will enhance productivity and economic opportunity across various sectors, including crop production, light manufacturing, and mobility solutions. In turn, enabling access to affordable, reliable, and clean energy is crucial for inclusive prosperity.


We intend to generate attractive financial returns and measurable impact across four themes to improve lives and preserve our planet:
Climate Action

Investing in the transition to a low-carbon future while expanding access to affordable and reliable energy.

Inclusive Prosperity

We focus on sustainable business models solving societal needs, creating jobs,
and fostering inclusive economic growth.

Governance & Transparency

We combine impact measurement rigor and active engagement, driving
accountability and deepening the integration of sustainability factors.

Deepening Underserved Capital Markets

We mobilize private capital to provide long-term financing for infrastructure
development and create alternative funding options for growing enterprises.

Climate Action

Private credit strategy focusing on the energy transition to meet the twin goals of reducing global emissions while expanding clean energy access to drive inclusive growth.

Credit Opportunities

Strategy invests across public debt markets and seeks to deliver compelling total returns, balancing capital growth, income generation, and risk mitigation. Invests with an opportunistic approach across sovereign and corporate credits, primarily in hard currency bonds.

Management Team